Archiv verlassen und diese Seite im Standarddesign anzeigen : Tandemfliegen in Italien: Kennt jemand den aktuellen Stand??

24.03.2011, 15:13

in den DHV News war mal zu lesen:

"All citizens of european countries can fly with VDS (VDS mean: sport flight) in the Italian territory if they are in posses of a license that let them fly in their own country. So, the IPPI card is useless if the pilot has got his own valid license. Of course included tandem license. Obviously a valid insurance for damages (and for damages caused to the passenger in case of tandem) is needed together with the flight license.
The news is official from Italian Government, and you can publish it.
The new law shall be effective from November 21, 2010

Auf der DHV Seite steht aber immer noch:

Passagierflug generell mit ausländischer Passagierflugberechtigung verboten !

Kennt jemand da den aktuellen Stand der Dinge?



harald e. wolf
25.03.2011, 10:07
Die englische Version ist korrekt. Punktum.

Bipo: Seit 2011 lt. der FIVL offiziell erlaubt.
Bipo kommerziell aber immer noch verboten; besser erstmal die Genehmigung des Clubs oder Geländeeigners einholen. Das erspart unschöne Diskussionen.

Ghost Glider
25.03.2011, 10:26
Nein, leider:pnicht.
But: Thanks a lot for the info. Now we have another ab**** rule, even so that we are
in EUROPE !!!!:D

You people just don't get it. Why to hell you just can't not stand up. Is it so hard for you to push trough? All I see is on forums big words and statements like you all love to get more and more regulations. For me it seem you are loving it. It make me sick.
Bella Itallia receives from Germany 1.1 Billion Euros a year just to keep the qualification
to stay in the Euro-Pool. So they have some balls tell us what we need to fly up there.
Another perfect example of Bullshit Organizations, rules and "man" made red tape.
As Long as people care about those idiots, nothing will change.

Grow up and grow a pair.
Don't get me wrong,
I love Italy very much, but guess what. About this crap, I just give a ****.

Same example made last week.

3 young Pilots go on a very wide open field, NO trees, NO Wilde life. They just like to have a nice day and do some Ground handling practice.

Guess what.

Some Asshole shows up from the "Wilde life protectors service" and "ORDERS" them to leave.

Based on what was my question.


We are protecting the environment.

So the 3 young Pilots put the things back in the sack and walked frustrated away.

So, I could not resist to challenge this Asshole.

I walked back to my car, grap my stuff and start flying at exact the same spot.

30 minutes the same guy shows up and told me the same bullshit.

I told him to fly to Japan and to some real work, get help to the people in need, protect the environment, remove the radioactivity and than, after all this he has done, I am more than happy to fly somewhere else. In the meantime he rather stays out of my face.


He left and did not show up again.

No wonder that everyone is laughing about us. It seems that we are the victim of the "new" society and we have the word stupid written all over us.
I know, you now all hate me. I am jusy saying my 2 cent's.
Keep the blue side up!

Ghost Glider.

25.03.2011, 23:29
Was hat deine Wildlife Story mit dem Tandemproblem zu tun?
Schade das dir das in Italien passiert ist, auch wenn ich solche Probleme nicht kenne.
Imho, ist der eine dann von Dannen gezogen, ich denk mal in Deutschland wäre er das sicher auch........und hätte anschließend die Polizei verständigt. ;)

03.04.2011, 19:10
Ach, sieh an: F.T.H. alias Ghost Glider alias Marcel July.

26.07.2011, 19:30
Hallo zusammen,

Harald hat Recht!
habe gestern bei der FIVL nachgefragt ein eine klare Anwort bekommen.
Demnach sind bei enstprechender Versicherung Flüge ohne Entgelt erlaubt. Komerzielle Flüge bleiben verboten.
Hab die Info an den DHV weitergegeben. Ich denke mal die prüfen das und werden die Infos dann updaten.

Wer mag, hier der Wortlaut der FIVL:

Dear friend,

foreigners tandem flights are not legally allowed if the passenger is paying
for. If you flight with a friend and there is no commercial allowances,
there are no problems: you can fly with your german license, providing you
have a duly insurance coverage for you and your passenger. Italian law ask
for a third part responsibility of 1,600,000€ min.

Maria Rosa
FIVL Secretary

Viele Grüße,