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15.01.2014, 14:45
Sehr interessant, Spiruline EZ, 24m2

Spiruline EZ

New for 2014, the Spiruline EZ sized at 24m2 for an aspect ratio of 4.3.
The glider combines the ease of use of a miniwing and the damping of a larger area.
The glider still feels direct but less aggressive in the roll, still pitchless.
This size increase filter a bit more the air mass, but brakes are still giving good information to the pilot.

The EZ is dedicated to pilot looking for an easy wing with a big fun factor.
Schools will love its simplicity and efficiency in way of teaching.
Like a Spiruline, pilot imagination will be the only limit to its versatility.
The glider weight 4.2 despite the use of robust material.

The SP- EZ maintains great performance with a 8.5/1 glide ratio, and a trim speed of 39-40km/h for a 85/90kg pilot.
Risers are equipped with a speed bar, no trimmers.
The SP-EZ is expected to be certified at the EN A or Low end B class
AUW planned: 75/105kg

The wing has 36 cells, some nylon rods on the leading edge, and a cross section which optimizes the inside pressure without affecting the inflation.
Line use is 190m, thanks to the short bridle, using a combination of sheath dyneema and Kevlar.

Price will be 1990€

Foto und Kurzübersetzung auf Gleitschirmblog.ch (http://gleitschirmblog.ch/spiruline-ez-easy/)

Gruss Samuel

15.01.2014, 15:26
Hallo ,
Spannend wird die Spiruline GT die auch 2014 kommen soll und zwischen Spiruline und Goose positioniert werden wird.
Testen bei Human Eagle beim Stubai Cup bestimmt schon möglich.
Gruß Walter